technicolor reruns


hello. i'm an Architecture student who likes to draw non-architecture related stuff. my fandom is as inconsistent as my style, but i'm currently obsessed with The Beatles and Hannibal, so expect that i'd be posting mostly some fanart of them. and as of now, i'm into pixel art, while i take a break on digiart since i'm still soul searching for a decent style lol

 derp(s) online

3 month-late kiriban for ayumi58! //sobs

Looks good enough to be a bookmark

Changed my OC’s name from Lee to Leigh, coz the latter looks cooler. But it’s still pronounced as ‘lee’, so it’s basically the same thing


a “picture” of me and my awesome friend, cosplaying John Lennon and Paul McCartney. lol we’re sorta RPing those two, calling each other with nicknames and stuff

yeah it’s sorta rushed coz summer’s about to end and i’m running out of time to make anything decent huhuhu

the dialogue is too long for this short comic.

will upload a colored one later. just practiced my “pencil shading”. eyuck

this is actually a WIP of a drawing for a friend. but since i’m too lazy to do the lineart coz i think i’ll ruin my own sketch, plus sketches are prettier lol, i ended up coloring this in an equally messy way.

corny late night shit in MS Paint.

"Ness, you don’t seem scared?

Are you nuts?”

lol. what is fear. i haz baseball bat. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ