technicolor reruns


hello. i'm an Architecture student who likes to draw non-architecture related stuff.
my fandom is as inconsistent as my style, but i'm currently obsessed with The Beatles and Hannibal, so expect that i'd be posting mostly some fanart of them.

 derp(s) online

Doodle of Will CRAYham


new fave show

Hannibal is hard to draw okay

transferring my Hannibal stuff here in my main blog


midget anatomy is hard.

Just another L doodle. Because I can’t draw Kira

Currently rereading Death Note, so instead of studying for World Lit, this happened. Idk why I like rereading mangas I’ve read before instead of updating myself with the mainstream manga/anime. Lol hipster? HAHAH

10-minute-ish sketch of crustlesspizza in a genderbent Lightning costume. Slap in some pink overlay and crummy text greeting and VOILA: an obligatory birthday gift thingy~

I panicked when I checked out my dA account and realized that today’s your birthday. So yes I had time to stop working on my plate just to do this (read: procrastination). IDK if you’d check your dA, so I’m posting this on my Tumblr and my Twitter just for you to see.

Some old procrastination doodle I found in my school junk. It’s me, dying lol
School starts in a few days so…
idk I hope this motivates me or something :iconmingleleleplz:

the dialogue is too long for this short comic.


idk bout you guise but did i just draw something that looks like fionafu’s style?!?!?! lols