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hello. i'm an Architecture student who likes to draw non-architecture related stuff.
my fandom is as inconsistent as my style, but i'm currently obsessed with The Beatles and Hannibal, so expect that i'd be posting mostly some fanart of them.

 derp(s) online

Will Graham is Hannibal Lecter’s Best Food Friend 

The Mads (okay, Hannibal) that I’ve worked so hard for this piece.

The Wendigo’s blurred and the Hanni on the glasses showed only a fraction of his face, so here are the detailed ones which I’m sorta proud of doing lol. I made it into a GIF to make it more interesting //runs away to make more lame Hannibal comics


Finally I’ve decided to do a more serious Hannibal fanart. Also my entry to THIS CONTEST, which is different from the official NBC one.


new fave show

Hannibal is hard to draw okay

transferring my Hannibal stuff here in my main blog

Hannibal: Being in the snow with my dinner like this immerses me in a special feeling. I like it.

Freddy Lounds: You mean lover?

Hannibal: Yes, lover. I said lover. Didn’t I say lover? I meant lover. Not dinner, of course not.

Will: Dr. Lecter, let’s get the hell out of here. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE BEING OUT HERE IN THE OPEN..SOCIALIZING

Snape. Snape. Sev Snape.

Did a collab with two awesome(!!!) Beatle artists & frands: radical-rhombus-xd and wingsoverDA!

Huhuhu it’s an honor to work with them, tho it sorta took a while partly because of me ehe, but FINALLY it’s done! lol
Thanks for going along with this senpais!!! :icontouchedplz: *bows lowly several times* Hope we’d do something as fun as this sometime in the future. Tho it’s kinda intimidating draw with you guys, this serves as a challenge for me to improve :iconcryforeverplz: HAHAH okay that was so dramatic
Oh yeah, by the way, Radical-Rhombus-XD is Pepper-chan, wingsoverDA is Azul-chan, and  I’m Macca-kun WHOSE WORKS SUCKED THE MOST OTL

An extremely, ridiculously late entry for demitasse-lover’s contest!

Inspired by the loading screens in Left 4 Dead, which are in the form of movie posters lol. So I decided to stick with that concept, Death Brigade becoming a zombie shooter game, but since L4D has 4 players in it, and the DB gang’s one head short, I decided to include Ren, who wandered off to places AGAIN and found himself raped chased by zombie kids on Halloween. Good thing the trio happened to be around, decided to save his butt, and eventually make their way out of there.

I really suck at deadlines. Anyway, though I didn’t made it in time, I had fun doing this, because of the gore oho~ Plus, it sort of been a practice on poses, body proportions, backgrounds and blahblahblah

When I first saw Armin, he reminded me of Hell Kitchen’s Ren. Until now.

I can’t get that headcanon in my head that Ren wandered off to places again and found himself in hell again. if you know what i mean lolidk

Tried using anti-alias instead of dithering in shading pixel art. Except for the hair ;A;

And as usual, animating was a pain. Yet, yey, finally I’m done with this at last.

I blame Superfast Jellyfish for this. I was supposed to be doing a Macca pixel, but it turned into 2D lol